Diary of a Forestry family: Meet Tom, Emily and Tallulah Tryon!


So midges have been here with vengeance for little over a week now and as forecast, due to the past two unseasonably warm winters there is a greater concentration of these biting beasties than usual.

So a few facts about the Midge, to ascertain what we are dealing with; Only the women bite (true, however time is too precious to determine sex), they are carried on the wind (true, they only appear in times of no wind, early morning, evening, sheltered areas of land), and they form a vital part of Bats food chains. So when visiting or residing in these parts you shouldn’t be surprised to encounter the dreaded Midge, and for a family, we are looking for a protection which is not only effective but safe.

As a forester in Western Scotland working in the heartland of the Midge, an important topic in the office during early spring is that of which midge protection to trial this summer? With past competitors for the ultimate protection being a host of questionable lotions and potions including skin care products (identified as effective and endorsed by Mel Gibson on the set of Braveheart), to claustrophobic face veils, Vitaman B rich diet and also one colleague Smoking. I have always favoured the lotions and potions however never fully content with the use of DEET on my skin and its potential long term effects, So when I discovered Mosi-guard natural it was a must try.

The pump action and roll on applicators offer convenience and definitive application when under pressure from ensuing attacks out on the hill, and an almost immediate deterrent. There was no burning of the eyes or bitter taste in my mouth when moving around through the forest. I topped up the treatment after an hour or so of exposure, as walking through trees left me rubbing spruce needles from my face and loosening the shield.

The end of the week was rewarded with a family BBQ. True to form as we sat down to eat, so did the midges. With invited guests ages ranging between 3 and 70, again the Mosi-guard natural was deployed. Quick and precise application, coupled with quick drying meant we were ready to resume our meal in no time at all. With midges still present however not biting us as we ate. All 10 guests applied the formula with 100% success rate.

Finally a replacement for Karvol!

While many of us associate the sniffles with the winter months, they can strike at any time of year– especially in babies and toddlers, who tend to get them a lot more than adults. This can be distressing for both baby and parent, which can prompt mums and dads to reach for the first solution that comes to mind. There may be a particular knowledge gap among parents of children under six, as they may be confused as to what they can and cannot use. Many products developed are off limits for children in this age bracket, as some of the ingredients are not suitable for them.

We recommend Klear-vol to parents as an all-natural product that is suitable from three months and upwards. Klear-vol inhalation capsules provide essential oils for inhalation, delivering soothing natural vapours for day or night. The Klear-vol formulation releases soothing essential oils over many hours. The product won a 2017 Bizzie Baby Bronze Award, having undergone rigorous testing in the child health category for performance, quality, durability, style, design and practicality.


Natural relief from Arthritis Pain

Our top 4 relief methods

  • Exercise more – it’s sometimes difficult to find time to exercise but regular movement helps to maintain flexibility in your joints.
  • Weight loss – weight can be a big impact on the amount of pain you are experiencing. Extra weight can put more pressure on your joints.
  • Right Fatty Acids – Taking fish oil supplements which are high in Omega 3’s may help reduce joint pain and stiffness.
  • Hot & Cold Therapy – For acute pain, cold treatments often work best for relieving joint pain. For quick relief and to reduce inflammation, apply a cooling gel or ointment with comfrey to painful joints. Long, warm medicinal baths, especially in the morning, help ease stiffness in your joints

At cropped-HDlogoTEL-NEW.png we recommend:

perksindol 93415-equazen-3d-pack-mind5 comfrey
Perskindol Gel Equazen Comfrey
Perskindol contains gaultheria which has anti-inflammatory properties and offers a relieving effect from the pain. Gaultheria is a natural alternative to synthetic medications. Everyone needs omega-3 fatty acids in their diets for optimum health, however these fats may also help your arthritis. Fish oil supplements, which are high in omega-3s, may help reduce joint stiffness and pain. Comfrey is know for its use in healing and can be used to increase cell production and held reduce inflammation.
£7.25, Active Gel £15.31, 30 Capsules £3.08, Oil

Top 5 benefits of a good night’s sleep

Do you start the day feeling totally exhausted from a sleepless night? You’re not the only one. One in three of us in the UK suffers from poor sleep blaming computers, work and stress for a restless night. Not only does lack of sleep make us feel grumpy and under par but it can have a terrible effect on our physical health.

Your brain needs downtime

Neuroscientists are increasingly finding that our brains need downtime not only to recharge our batteries but to process all the information that is flung at us on a daily basis and strengthen those neural pathways.

How much sleep do we need?

On average we need about 8 hours sleep a night but some of us need more and some need less. The key is that you know in yourself how much sleep you need and if you wake up feeling tired and long to snuggle into bed all day then it could be that you aren’t getting enough sleep.

5 ways a good night’s sleep can boost your health

1.    Sleep increases mental wellbeing

If you think that one single sleepless night makes you grumpy, it’s not a surprise that long term sleep deprivation can lead to depression and anxiety.

2.    Sleep boosts immunity

Sleepless nights disrupt your immune system making you more susceptible to colds.

3.    Sleep can keep you slim

Believe it or not but sleeping less can make you weigh more! It is thought that sleep deprived people have increased levels of ghrelin (the hunger-stimulating hormone) and reduced levels of leptin (the chemical that makes you feel full).

4.    Sleep can prevent diabetes

Not having deep sleep can lead to type 2 diabetes as it changes the way the body processes glucose (the high-energy carbohydrate that cells use for fuel).

5.    Sleep increases fertility

Regular lack of sleep can reduce the secretion of reproductive hormones.

How to catch up on lost sleep – help is at hand!

Try to get to bed a bit earlier and catch up on that much needed sleep. You can use one of our traditional remedies to relieve the everyday stress and strain of modern life and help you enjoy a good night’s sleep. And remember, don’t rely on energy drinks or caffeine as a short term pick me up as they can further disrupt your sleep pattern.

Keep fit and healthy this Winter

When we talk about Winter Health, we are referring to treating illnesses such as coughs, colds and flu. Although these can occur at any time of the year, they are more common in the Winter months.



Unfortunately colds and flu are caused by viruses and with over 200 common cold viruses and three types of flu virus, they are very hard to avoid! The virus itself is spread easily via coughing and sneezing



There are lots of natural ways that we can help prevent and soothe symptoms of Winter cold and flu. Here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Keeping active
    Going outside and getting more physical activity may help prevent sickness.
  2. Eating healthily
    We’re all familiar with the phrase “feed a cold, starve a fever”, but when you’re feeling under the weather then sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is eating. However, staying hydrated and eating enough calories can help speed up recovery.
  3. Sleep with an additional pillow at night
    One of my favourite tips, adding an additional pillow will help the drainage of nasal passages.
  4. Take a steamy shower
    One of my husband’s favourite tips! Taking a hot steamy shower will help moisturise your nasal passage and help to relax you.
  5. Invest in some good tissues
    I love soft aloe vera balmed tissues and always recommend that you invest in some good soft tissues as there’s nothing worse than having a red sore nose from excessive blowing!

Natural cold remedies
Echinacea, part of the Daisy family, is one of the best known and widely available herbal cold treatments.

Ginseng – taken to boost energy and stamina, this has started to be examined for its efficacy in fighting the common cold. Many people that take Ginseng on a daily basis swear by its effectiveness in reducing symptoms and helping prevent a cold.

Enjoy a happy and healthy Winter!